10-3-17 – CenterState Event – HIRING AND RETAINING THE BEST


10-3-17 – CenterState Event – HIRING AND RETAINING THE BEST

It is no secret that the success of one company over another is greatly due to the quality of its workforce. You can have the best leadership in place but without great execution, the results are mitigated at best. With companies growing and an unemployment rate of 5%, it can be a real challenge finding and retaining the best talent out there.

Throwing money at the problem (raises, bonuses, benefits) is only a small part of the equation, especially as it relates to millennials. We need to look deeper and offer a leadership style that is conducive to creating employees who are “raving fans” oftheir employer.

Come and learn how to find, motivate and develop employees that are not only faithful to you as their employer but also promote you as the best place to work inyour industry.


Daniel Tremblay
Daniel Tremblay has a unique background in business. He started his career with the Royal Bank of Canada and finished up his corporate career as the CEO of an international investment brokerage firm. Daniel offers a high level of leadership and vision based on the varied experiences he encountered in thebusiness world.

He is a dynamic speaker that consistently engages his audience from start to finish. Having over 15 years of international keynote speaker experience, Daniel understands the importance of providing golden nuggets for participants to take away and implement.

Daniel is also an author. He has written many business programs such as: “Productivity and Leadership” and the “Long Term Strategic Plan of Action” and many others. He is now putting the final touches on his book: “The Beliefs Paradox”.



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