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    Ron Wilkinson

    Principal Nperspective

    "The CEO Leadership Forum has become a solid foundation for me and our company. It provides a diverse group of strong referral partners as well as a reference base when necessary. Most importantly, it provides financial support to students at Valencia College and a continuing dialogue with the school regarding the needs of the business community as they relate to the skillsets of graduates."

    With Nperspective, I work alongside the CEOs of 2nd Stage companies who recognize the need for help with Strategic Planning, Accounting, Reporting, Treasury, Systems, Resources and Growth. Depending on the need, I function as the company CFO on a part-time basis or the Lead on a finite project. Typically, we begin with a company assessment designed to look closely at all departments, systems and people to identify strengths and weaknesses. We then produce a formal report containing observations and recommendations. The client may use that as a guide to follow for company improvement or, in most instances, they hire us to manage that change for them.