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The success of our graduates starts with a strong internship opportunity that offers valuable real-world experiences that will help students secure employment.

Providing internships is an excellent approach for an organization to facilitate success while developing the future workforce. The Distinguished Internship Program will immerse talented and highly motivated Valencia College interns into your organizations, preparing them for careers and future leadership responsibilities as they make the transition from the classroom to the real world.

One of the first of its kind in the state of Florida, The Distinguished Internship Program offers the following benefits to Forums member organizations:

  • Attain highly motivated and experienced future employees
  • Interns bring fresh ideas, novel perspectives, and specialized strengths and skill sets
  • Recruit from top student interns at no cost
  • Increase organizational productivity with short term support
  • Improved employee retention rate post internship
  • Develop strong pipeline of future workforce
  • Opportunity to test and evaluate someone’s potential for future employment


Be a part of shaping the future workforce and making a difference, hire a Valencia Distinguished Intern!


Apple One Employment Services, an active CLF trusted advisor partner, will handle the administration of this program. To find out more and make a request for a Valencia College intern, please click on this link:  CLF Distinguished Internship Program