2-14-19 – Centerstate Bank Event

Center State Bank (Group 1)

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  1. State of the Economy in Florida – Harvesting Opportunities – Special guest speaker
  2. CEO Spotlight— Sales & Marketing Now So Your Prepared – Successful Orlando CEO shares the formula for driving growth now
  3. Optimizing Your Sales & Marketing (Interview Spotlight CEO before event and integrate things  into below segments that CEO did/did not do with regards to sales and marketing strategy)

Paul Castenada, Sandler Training Institute – shares Developing your Sales Strategy and 13 1/2 things you’re not doing now

Tim Bach, Patterson Bach Communications –  addresses Defining/Refining & Managing Your Brand – What is it? Who owns it? Why its Important? What happens if you do not develop?

Timmy Rupeiks, Valintry Services and Bernie Piekarski, Piekarski Consulting talk turkey on Automate or Die – Tools to stay on track, Doing more with less and utilizing scorecards.

Intensive interactive CEO break-out session to determine lessons learned and what you can do now to improve upon to drive growth now