Geoffrey Gallo, ChFC, CExP, CVBA

    Partner, Advisor Services & Practice Development - Grennan Fender LLP

    “When Business and Education come together, we all prosper. Hosting educational events at Valencia College - bringing CEOs, students, faculty and strategic advisors together, has truly benefitted our clients and prospective clients in ways we never thought possible. New and lasting relationships has been the rewarding result!”

    Grennan Fender, LLP has been a leading Central Florida CPA and business solutions firm for more than 40 years. Our proactive methodology allows our clients to accelerate their success through financial clarity. We go beyond traditional accounting to help owners of small and mid-sized businesses reach their profitability and exit goals. Some of the questions we help answer are:


    • How can I simplify my business decision process so that I can achieve my personal and business goals in the most tax advantageous way possible?
    • My company is growing fast and my shareholders and bank are saying it’s time to report Reviewed Financial Statements, and we’ll probably need Audited Statements next year. What should I do and why?
    • Is there a way I can outsource some or all of my accounting functions cost effectively?

    Our reach is statewide and our family business values drive the personalized service you expect from a local firm. When your organization requires expertise and quick response, Grennan Fender’s hands-on approach delivers!